LAND RITUALS 2020, Alice Duncan. On display at Wide Open Road Art December 19 – January 29.

Alice Duncan is an artist and jack-of-all trades currently residing in Naarm/Birraranga (Melbourne). Her practice incorporates photography, new media and installation to explore contemporary disassociations to land. Her work examines the role image making plays in national identity through the complex and ongoing narrative of landscape photography.

Alice’s research grapples with the racial, social and political tensions woven throughout contemporary Australian society through the ongoing narrative of landscape photography. She deals with the complicated interrelationship between the post-colonial physical landscape and the psychological interpretation of place. In response to ongoing and recent events, Land Rituals reflects a personal and local revaluation of place and our roles within it.

Land Rituals brings together past and present Australian histories, using the combination of past (analogue) and present (digital) photographic techniques. It examines the contrast between European-driven notions of terra-nullius and Indigenous Australian relationships to land. Her materials critique classic traditions of landscape photography to repurpose the medium through a contemporary lens.

Recent exhibitions include Transitions, Pingyao Photo Festival 2019; Altermodern Archipelago, Korpo, Finland (2019); One More Time, This Time For Real, Cut Thumb Gallery, Brisbane (2017) and If you saw me walk, would you assume I could run?, Bus Gallery, Melbourne (2017). She has undertaken residencies in Melbourne, Finland and Germany. Alice is currently a PhD candidate at RMIT University.

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