Launched in 2015 Wide Open Road Art is a contemporary art space in Castlemaine, Victoria. WORA provides a context for experimental works that engage with a broader political, aesthetic, social and/or material discourse. We aim to show works that extend such debates. WORA consists of three large glass cabinets on an external wall. We will show works that utilise the dimensions of the space and consider the possibilities for interaction between the art/artist and the public.

Key curatorial concepts driving WORA are:

  • the notion of an art centre
  • the building/deconstruction of connections — interpersonal, historical, geographical, etc.
  • the relationship between old and new crafts/technologies.
  • ¬†engagement with current aesthetic, social, political and material debate/experimentation within the arts

As well as running an annual program of exhibitions we also aim to create connections between artists through curating larger art events and through our interview program.

WORA was set up as an extension of a collaborative art practice between Helen Mathwin and Susie Elliott and is a not-for-profit company.

For more information please contact helen@wideopenroadart.com or susie@wideopenroadart.com. For information on exhibiting, please refer to our applications page.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Its wonderfull to know about this site and work of various artist playing amazinh in.different mediums.I am.from pakistan and keenly interested to send my work for exhebition.


    1. Hi Maryam, thanks so much for your feedback. Please feel free to apply, applications currently accepted for Jan-June 2018…
      Check the “application to exhibit” section of the website or email me on helen@wideopenroadart for further details
      All the best


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