Meditation in Materiality, in Light

Our latest work is by Castlemaine artist CiPi, a shimmering triptych that involves the viewer in the constant remaking of soft, watery images. A headlight from a car or flash from a camera creates a bold and momentarily aggressive light-filled moment.
Cipi 2018
Meditation in Materiality, in Light (2000 / 2018) CiPi, reflective tape, cotton, polyester thread
Glass particles are impregnated into woven tape and the object is made by sewing along the lines of the material. The straightness of the tape is morphed by pushing each edge against the previous line to change the materials essential flatness. The flow of material and process … an itinerant line, as fluid as the light reflected.
‘I feel like I’m swimming on the surface of the textile. I can’t tell how deep it is, even though it’s physically obvious there is no depth at all. It’s confusing, but stops short of being disorienting. The experience becomes a Meditation in Materiality, in Light.’

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