Luceo non Uro (I Shine, Not Burn) by Brenna Jenson is our latest installation at Wide Open Road Art.

Luceo non Uro (I Shine, Not Burn), Brenna Jensen, silk and stainless steel yarn, linen, copper filament, wool & stainless steel yarn, hemp paper thread, wild Cricula silk cocoons and spun Circula silk fibre, thread, redwood timber Victorian silk spindles


These knitted cocoons are inspired by delicate woven structures found in nature, specifically the Urodid moth cocoon and incorporate fine threads of silk, linen, wool, copper and stainless steel. The golden cocooons are wild-harvested silk cocoons of the Cricula silk moth which has been spun onto silk spindles.



Like many floating wombs, these life-giving vessels, interwoven from a continuous thread, represent fate and destiny. They are reminiscent of Victorian gas mantles with their metallic impregnated fibres that glowed to light the path. The title refers to the motto of the blacksmiths who desire to fashion metal to the point of shining.

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