1000 Hopes (No Visa Required)

Bent 4

1000 Hopes (No Visa Required) is a installation/ performance piece by New Zealand artist Bent. The work comprises of 1000 paper planes which have been folded since 2012 for multiple projects. The planes have travelled with the artist since 2012 from Santiago, Chile, to New Zealand where they have moved between studios and homes. As the artists time and visa in New Zealand comes to an end the 1000 planes will finally be released into the skies following their installation at Wide Open Road Art. As the planes move freely through skies they reflect the freedoms made possible to the artist by other official pieces of paper, visas, passports, and so on.

Bent is multimedia artists from Santiago, Chile, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Working between the studio and public space his practice is based on process and attitude, exploring occurrences in the public space, inanimate and animate, private and public, legal and illegal. Bent works as co-director of Play_Station Artist Run Space and curator for Club 121.

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