Beautiful Weeds

Beautiful Weeds, Karen Standke 

Standke group shot install

Rockbank landscape II web

Rockbank Landscape 11 61 X 90 CM (2017) Oil on Canvas $2000

Tibooburra landscape VIII web

Tibooburra Landscape V111 61 X 90 CM (2017) Oil on Canvas $2000

Standke. K. Amoonguna landscape V web (1)

Amoonguna Landscape V 61 X 90 CM (2017) Oil on Canvas. $2000

Australia is a country that has been shaped dramatically by fairly recent arrivals,both of people and the fauna and flora they have imported with them. When we visualise an Australian landscape, it is most likely the un-spoilt wilderness we imagine as the typical Australian landscape. Although most of the population live on the fringes of the continent, the idea sticks. These paintings are depictions of the landscape most Australians and visitors are far more likely to see.

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