Street Trees

Trees are our benevolent neighbours. They are the permanent residents and silent witnesses that hold space, colour our seasons and frame our views. Street Trees by Sydney artist Melinda Marshman records the artists walks in the labyrinth of streets, lane-ways and parks of Paddington, NSW, her adopted neighbourhood.

Spring Avenue, 87.5 x 66cm, oil on canvas, 2017 final

Spring Avenue 2017 oil on Canvas (87.5 x 66cm) $1050

Autumn Street, 92 x 69cm, oil on canvas,2017 final

Autumn Street 2017 oil on canvas (92 x 69cm) $1200

Marshman, Melinda Parkland Pine, 87.5 x 66cm, oil on canvas, 2017 Final

Parkland Pine 2017 Oil on Canvas (87.5 x 66cm) $1050

Marshman 3

Exhibition open from October 29- December 7, 2017.

All works are available for purchase. Contact for any prior information regarding sales.



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