Craft Cubed: Day 3

Day three, final day for The Handmade House project, on Flinders Lane in Melbourne CBD, Jaxon Waterhouse, Susie Elliott and Helen Mathwin continued to work on the house structure. In the same two-hour window, on the street in Castlemaine Mark Richardson printed a 3D honeycombed tower. Both activities were in response to each other, using the internet and mobile communication to stay tuned into the other activity. Videos and live streams that were used for this are available here.



Handmade House day 3

mark handmade house 1
Mark Richardson, The Handmade House 2017, detail

mark detail

Craft Cubed Marks tiny house 1


We’ll write more in the coming days about the project — the impact of the live stream, the public nature of the work and the relationship between the urban and the regional settings.

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