Monsieur J.B. Pietri and I (2017)

cipi edit for website

Recent work by CiPi . Monsieur J.B. Pietri was a French Technocrat who worked as the Contoleur des Peches de l’Indochine during the 1940’s in IndoChina. He saw the way of life changing irrevocably for the fishermen and their families who worked along the rivers and on the vast coastlines. Using pencil and pen, he documented their sailing craft and culture both visually and in incredible written detail before the craft were replaced by the most part with motorised versions or disappeared in entirety.

cipi close up

Monsieur J.B. Pietri and I (2017) detail. .

Monsieur J.B. Pietri and I is inspired by the beautiful shapes of the floating craft that he depicts in his book Voiliers d’Indochine (Sailboats of Indochina). Using the embroidered line, applique and cut outs in leather of Monsieur Pietri’s drawings , we go on another journey.

CiPi boats edit 1CiPi black boats editCipi boats edit 2

Our journey continues with little boat brooches available for sale. 3 silhouettes from M.Pietris work, laser cut from ply on a white oval disc. To view and purchase brooches click here.


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