Castlemaine State Festival

Castlemaine State Festival March 17-26. A busy period for Wide Open Road Art involving Harvest at The Mill (details below) and Transition by Simon MacEwan (see previous post).

Harvest at The Mill features a selection of artists who have previously exhibited at Wide Open Road Art. The artists share an eye for detail and an interest in the handcrafted. Artists involved are: CiPiCarolyn Cardinet, Selby GinnSusie Elliott and Helen Mathwin.

CiPi Harvest at Mill

Welcome to Semophoria, CiPi, 2017


Waterways (detail) Carolyn Cardinet, 2017


Untitled, Selby Ginn 2017

House harvest at the mill

Untitled, Susie Elliott and Helen Mathwin, 2017

Thanks to Harvest at The Mill for lending us their space and local wine producers Boomtown for supporting this event.

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