Josie and the Constellations

Last Saturday saw the launch of Melbourne-based mixed-media artist and academic Clare McCracken’s Josie and the Constellations (2015) at the Wide Open Road window boxes. 

Josie and the Constellations (2015), detail 1
Josie and the Constellations (2015), detail 1
IMG_0417 (1)
Josie and the Constellations (2015) detail 2

For thousands of years cultures have looked at the night sky, drawing lines between the stars to create constellations. For each culture these shapes have shifted and changed to reflect both the objects in their immediate surroundings and the myths that dominate their identity. In Josie and the Constellations, McCracken playfully looks at the constellations of the past, while imagining both the observation deck, and constellations, of contemporary Australia. The work explores place and identity through narrative, images and installations, as part of McCracken’s ongoing project to interrogate our connection to place as well as finding ways to encourage communities to develop a relationship with their local milieu.


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Artist Clare McCracken

For more information, contact or call 0425 878 075.

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