Transition (2017)  Simon MacEwan

Transition is concerned with the tension between things with form and no substance, and those with substance and no form, the dialogue between the constantly shifting waves of the ocean and the invisible lines of maps, where the chaos of the world meets the systems that we impose upon it.

Simon MacEwan’s works appear courtesy of Anna Pappas gallery, Melbourne. This exhibition takes place as part of the Castlemaine State Festival and will  have an official launch on Sat 18th March 6-8pm.

Transition 2017 detail 1
Transition (2017) detail 2
Transition (2017) detail 3

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Fashion Unlearned


London based Brisbane artist Emily McGuire combines her training in fashion design with a critical interest in the political forces of fashion that shape our lived experience. Her work explores the complex relationships between fashion, sustainability and female identity using textiles, thread, and secondhand clothing.




By juxtaposing fast fashion and handcraft, Fashion Unlearned questions the powerlessness of consumers to access fashion beyond means of consumption. Repetitive embroidery stitching constrains and fragments each secondhand garment or cut-out logo to demonstrate an act of resistance to the formation of dressed identity through consumerism. Since fashion is sold as a “closed” product, consumers are dissuaded from personalising their clothing to remain de-skilled, apolitical participants in the fashion world. Fashion Unlearned prompts viewers to contemplate this wilful obedience to the forces of mainstream fashion so they might discover more meaningful and empowering ways of engaging with clothes. 

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Emotional Path

 Sydeny-based Iranian artist Sepideh Farzam’s installation Emotional Path (2017) is the current exhibition at Wide Open Road Art.


Sepideh’s creative practice revolves around personal memories and what it means to be female, through which she examines issues that implicate society, politics and culture. Her use of textile, as well as various media such as installation, sculpture, painting and drawing, offers metaphors for the oppression of women. Childhood memories, lived experiences and the artist’s own cultural background strongly inform the work she produces.




Sepideh’s work incorporates worn clothing, fabric and discarded objects in a symbolic gesture to distant memories and the passing of time. The transformation of thought and the body is integral to how the artist uses these elements to traverse emotion, trauma, vulnerability, sexuality and the body.


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Selfless by Brisbane artist Liam Herne subverts the formulaic nature of the familiar selfie. Herne literally erases the subjects identity creating photo-grams from these altered images. With every marks that he makes the images become increasingly disconnected from the frivolous and throw away culture that gave us the ‘Selfie’.

Liam Herne retake 3

Selfless 1 Herne 2016

Liam Herne retake 2

Selfless 2 Herne 2016

Liam Herne retake 1

Selfless 3 Herne 2016